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Danielle Di-Masi - appearing as a regular on The Breakfast Show - Channel 10 Marisa Lamonica - From a lead role in a move to an internation contract for Corporate software and now auditioning for a music show... watch this space !!!


There have been some 'left of field' surprise placements these last 2 months. What's interesting is that some students are getting multiple placements which proves that the work is 'out there' if you keep looking!

Congratulations once again to all of our graduates (past and present) who have received placement in the TV Broadcasting Arena. There are some new presenters who have received mainstream placement ...fabulous!...and some of our seasoned presenters moving on to bigger and better things. Some of our graduate placements include:

(Lady) Danielle Di-Masi (Etiquette expert presenter): Channel 10 The Breakfast show - regular segment on social & business etiquette. (National)


Marisa Lamonica: International software corporate video; Suncorp video; lead in **film (**still to be announced - Sydney)



Lisa Phillips: Channel 10 & Channel 9 - Marketing guru specialist presenter


Also specialist presenter in personal development (National)


Yvonne Brasington: Has not stopped working!! From corporate videos, advertorials, corporate interviews, commercials and on-line TV... Yvonne is getting the gigs!! (National)


JustineMikkelsen: From a Documentary in Cambodia Justine is now a regular on Channel 7 & 9.... Justine keeps climbing that ladder! (National)


Jasmine Richwol: (specialty chef) Back in the news again! Jasmine has just completed her pilot program on 'Kids Cooking' to be presented to one of the mainstream channels... good luck Jasmine... Watch this space!!


C:\Users\User\Pictures\2012_04_21\Krystle McGill 2012_1250web .jpg

Krystle McGill: Has just been asked by channel KRON4 in San Francisco to host a news program.

Also... interview with Ron Wilson - Channel 10 ... go Krystle!!


Charly Duffy (also presenting Ch 7 Lotto and Ch 9's Real Estate program 'On Display' has now landed the face of Dulux Paint That means that she will be presenting all their TV coverage for Better Homes & Gardens/DVD's/on-line coverage including their promos/new range launches/ advertorials/segments for home shows etc

Patrick Shearer - Environmentalist and vet now presenting a chat show for Canadian TV in Davis

Niika Daria Briskin: Presented L'Oreal Fashion Week (Perth May 2012)

Steve Sharp: Presenter on Ch 7 "HOME" LIFESTYLE SHOW (Perth). As a Fitness specialist he is presenting the segment called "Fun and Fitness at Home".

Rhiannon Elston: Channel 10 on-line news

Michelle Paul: Presenter for "On the red carpet" for Mercedes Benz Fashion week (Sydney May 2012)

Guy Williams :On-line promotional presenting contract - health & home improvement sites

Alice Joyce - Snow reports for this season's perisher snow reports 2012

Breana Garratt - Work experience Channel V (3 months internship); + Music doco on an 'up and coming Australian musician; + "Behind the scenes" music interview for Aussi movie called "Damaged" (All in one month. Keep it up Breana... brilliant!!) (Sydney)

Yvonne Brasington: Channel 7 presenter /advertorial on The Morning Show

Yvonne Brasington: Training video for Dept of Justice

Yvonne Brasington : REAL Life insurance advertorials

C:\Users\User\Pictures\Rob Reeveswebsite IMG_9961.jpg

Rob Reeves: Mainstream promo Channel 7 & 9 ( Fashion & Beauty)

cHARLY dUFFY web 01

Charly is a segment presenter on Real estate program, "On Display" - Channel 9. (Melbourne). She has just been signed up for a 2 nd season

+ Channel 7 - Lotto presenter (weekly - National)



Veronica Milsom - Comedy Ch 9 Ben Elton Live From Planet Earth

Corrie Fitch - Red Carpet Red carpet presenter at the TV Week Logie awards

Justine Mikkelsen Back from shooting a Documentary in Cambodia for International Children's Care

Dr. Jenny Brockis - Foxtel with Fred Mafrica for his "On the couch"

Jasmine Richwol - kids TV -cooking program

Vanessa Bartlett - health & wellbeing -online TV

Vanessa Bartlet- 'Real Insurance' advertorial (National)

Steve Sharp: Fitness segment on HOME- LIFESTYLE PGM ch7 Perth

Sandra Ackerman: Mainstream advertorial CH 7 ( Morning show)

Sukhin Chawla - Celebrity interviews (India TV)

Sukhin Chawla - Hosting Variety/reality program "Embracing Trees" (India TV)

Julie Hyne - web-hosting & promo for fashion make-over's (Melbourne)

Josie Milton - Web Presenter for La Rocca Marble and Granite QLD, Urban Residential Property Group SA, Heat n Tint SA (Adelaide)

Rebecca Richardson - Presenter for Finance News Network (On-line)

Alice Joyce - 2011 Snow reporter for Perisher (all channels)

Ryan McCarthy - Host for 'Undercurrent: A Current affairs program (Perth)

Sally Stanton - Sydney Weekender (was Saturday Disney for 4 years!)

Scott Mackinnon - (National Mainstream) Scott trained with TV Pro Global over 8 years ago!

Susie Osment - (Sydney- National Foxtel) TVSN - shopping network. (Ongoing work)

Elliot Kinsela - 'Real Insurance' advertorial (National)

Lisa Chimes- (Melbourne-National) Bondi Vet as co-presenter (Vet) to Dr. Chris Brown

Lauren Brown - (Melbourne) Fashion TV series; corporate videos for SGE (analytical Science). A Real Estate series for Halo Productions. 

Sasha Fedorovsky- Host on 'Footy Talkback show' Ch 31 (Melbourne)


Advertorial - placements

  Justine Mikkelsen - Sydney

Elliot Kinsela: Sydney

Yvonne Brasington: Sydney

Rebecca Mair: Sydney

Steven Sheeran: Melbourne

Justine Mikkelsen: Sydney

Rob Reeves: Gold Coast/Sydney

Andy Rosher: Sydney

Vanessa Bartlett: Sydney

Lauren Eymes: Sydney

Julie Hyne: Melbourne

Gary Sinclair: Melbourne

Yvonne Brasington: Sydney

Corporate Training Videos - placements

Gary Sinclair: Melbourne

Steven Sheeran: Melbourne

Rebecca Mair: Sydney

John Pollock: Sydney

Daniel James: Melbourne

Elliot Kinsela: Sydney

  Example of other 'seasoned presenters' who have trained with TV Pro Global:

Nigel Freitas - Sky Business News

Amber Higlett- Channel 9 news anchor

Wendy Kingston - Channel 9 news anchor

Sally Stanton: Saturday Disney

Sally Stanton: Sydney Weekender CH 10

Richard Gonclaves : Sky- finance news (Sydney)**

**Now presenting for SBS as Ricardo Gonzales

Emily Rice: Environmental presenter for Channel 10 news. (Sydney)

Duane Strauss - Perisher snow reporter & traffic reporter (Eye in the Sky)

Peter Wells: Sydney Weekender- Channel 10

Erica Davies: Sydney weekender - Channel 10

Michael Kuzilny: Media legal commentator Sunrise

Scott MacKinnon: SPORTS TONIGHT (Foxtel)

Jonathan Taylor: Channel 10 Finance news (Host)



C:\Users\User\Saved Games\Pictures\Pictures\students photos\Melbourne class abbey etc\WEbsite.jpg C:\Users\User\Saved Games\Pictures\Pictures\students photos\Melbourne class abbey etc\Breana Garratt.jpg

Workshops are fun and challenging - honing skills and moulding style for professional castings

The training course that TV Pro Global is offering is an intense weekend certificate course , which is both challenging and exhilarating. It is held in all states throughout Australia as well as New Zealand and the results speak for themselves (see above placements).

It is a media based course that concentrates on preparing students for the professional TV Broadcasting arena. We are enrolling a high calibre of student, including many on air presenters who are utilizing the advanced course for either a brush-up or a platform to experiment with other styles to enhance versatility.

We encourage students from all walks of life who have excellent communication skills , a charismatic personality and are well spoken to apply for this course. …We are casting for all programs: from finance, sport and travel programs to lifestyle, kids and arts programs. We also cast for corporate training videos, advertorials and on-line TV, all of which the new presenter can apply for.

***Please note that journalism is required for news reporting

***Our casting service is only available to our graduates or experienced TV Presenters


Y our expertise and experience is what the producers require to qualify you for a casting . (For example: Landscaping for gardening pgms or Veterinary science for animal prgms).So, whatever your background, taking that information and experience to the screen, is what we specialize in. Our training courses will hone your broadcasting skills and develop your style in front of the camera for a professional casting. Lisa Chimes from Bondi Vet trained with TV Pro Global and was cast almost straight after her course in 2008

Show reels:

Once you have completed your training, we offer to design and produce your show reel. (Your portfolio). Our show reels are versatile and competitive, incorporating a variety of styles to exhibit your flexibility and full potential as a presenter. Over the years we have surveyed many producers and in doing so have fine-tuned our reels to suit their requirements. This is one of the main reasons our presenters are getting work in this industry. Our reels are shot with top of the range Panasonic cameras, Sennheiser lapel microphones and experienced directors, camera operators and editors.

       C:\Users\User\Saved Games\Pictures\Pictures\students photos\website 2.jpg   C:\Users\User\Saved Games\Pictures\Pictures\students photos\web 3.jpg

Each student will be allocated an individual shoot time approx 4-5 hours. A full day is sometimes required for specialty reels. All venues and locations are arranged prior to shoot. For a quote please contact

Show reels are produced four weeks after training.

Here are a few links to some of our reels: (Danielle Di-Masi) (Christine Diefenbach) (Bridget Cobbett) (Breana Garratt) (Kendall Ashlyn) (Andy Rosher) < (Elliot Kinsela)

Casting on-line through TV Pro Global

Our online casting service casts for all programs from Sports to lifestyle  

C:\Users\User\Saved Games\Pictures\Pictures\chromo backgrounds\website 4.jpg

 A showreel is the promotional "tool" our  talent uses to get a call-back or a placement

Our on-line casting service is reserved for our graduates and experienced TV presenters. There are over 1500 producers registered to our casting service to view and cast our presenters. A photo, CV & reel are used to promote presenters on-line. There is a one-off registration fee of $145 for graduates.

All inquiries to


To all those other students who are waiting for call-backs and placement from auditions they have recently been to... We are hoping for the best... and your placements will be published in the next newsletter. Good luck!!




  Please note bookings are limited to only  6 students per group. Bookings are open now for all courses. All graduates receive ongoing career guidance  in their pursuit of work in the TV  industry.

  Sydney: 10th & 11th of November 2012

Melbourne: 17th & 18th of November 2012

Gold Coast: 24th & 25th of November 2012 

Perth: 2nd & 3rd of February 2013  

You will be required to complete a questionnaire to determine your suitability.

MESSAGE FROM DIRECTOR: SHARON LYNNE C:\Users\User\Saved Games\Pictures\Pictures\Sharon shooting reel 2\web DSC_0362.jpg

It certainly has been an interesting couple of months with many students finding thmselves 'on a roll'with placements. Students who decide to really go all out to promote themselves seem to find multiple castings within a short period of time ....

Placement is not always about talent... it also depends on luck and timing. As in sales, it's the 'number's game'... the more you get your showreel out there, the more response you will get! Our mentoring service is always available to those who 'feel stuck' at times.

Make the effort to get your reel out every week ... the work is out there... whether it's on-line, music interviews, advertorial or snow reports... make that extra effort and it WILL HAPPEN!

A special congratulations to all of those graduates who are now working in the industry.

I am always here to mentor you.

Sharon Lynne