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  1. How did you hear about this course?
  1. Do you already have an idea for your YouTube channel?
  1. What genre does your idea cover? eg: arts; health’ sport; entertainment; etc
  1. How would you describe your creative abilities? Would you call yourself a person who ‘thinks outside the box’…. Or who is more of a ‘conventional thinker’?
  1. Would you want your program to educate; inspire and motivate; inform & entertain (like Sydney Weekender); entertain; or a combination? Don’t worry if you don’t know yet.
  1. Do you have experience in any form of video production? (explain)
  1. Do you have access to a camera or phone/video component?  
  1. Will you be prepared to download a video editing program before you commence the course?
  1. Do you have any footage that you want to bring to class with you to start your channel with? Don’t worry if you don’t.
  1. What would you like to achieve from this course?
  1. Which course are you applying for? (mention dates and state)

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