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by Sharon Lynne

Hello and welcome!

So many people ask me “how does TV Pro Global differ from other TV Presenter training organisations”. The answer is:

Each person has a different journey that we cater for. Every student has an individual training program designed for them to suit their own experience, qualifications and personality. But we offer much more than just great training!

If you decide to train it’s also important that you feel there is a program that can take you all the way through to casting and placement in the TV industry. So we train you in your area of specialty, produce your showreel and help to promote you to mainstream, online and corporate TV arenas. We are very present in your journey.

But not everybody will have instant success, so you will also need the support to stay motivated; the mentoring to help you plan strategically and the overall industry guidance along the way. We offer all of that and at no extra cost! TV Pro Global is intent on helping each graduate achieve industry placement and now with so many  on-line presenting options it’s become easier for our graduates to obtain work.

We also have a successful corporate training department which is now concentrating on on-line training packages. Many small business seem to want to represent themselves as the face of their own business…. So we are now offering training workshops to show you not only how to tell you own story on video, but we produce your web and online videos for you and then show you how to market your brand. We welcome all inquiries!

Castings are continuing as well as placement. Some of the names and placements can be found on our Facebook page which has all sorts of success stories about our graduates as well as castings.

We would love to answer any questions you may have about our training, production or casting services, so feel free to contact us…. We are always ready to tune in to your individual needs!

Best wishes,

Sharon Lynne



May 27, 2020
Category: Latest News


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