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TV Presenter trainer Sharon Lynne is Director and casting Director of TV Pro Global. We are specialists in training, casting and mentoring TV Presenters for the video/online and TV industry. We offer a variety of short courses from Advanced presenter workshops and producing your own YouTube series to a travel vlogging workshop (overseas) and drop-in 2 hour Master-classes.

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Sharon Lynne is a trainer who likes to understands how you think and communicate before she trains you. By doing this she understands what creates 'blockages' eg: fragmentation of thought from anxiety; the inability to verbally express your thoughts succinctly . She has trained all levels of students from new presenters to established presenters needing to further their careers.

What makes a great trainer?

Sharon Lynne has been training TV Presenters for over 35 years. She pinpoints your strengths and teaches you how to define and refine your delivery, highlighting your true strengths as a presenter. Her forte is "true connection with your audience" to motivate, educate and inspire them".

What type of communicator are you

What type of communicator are you. Do you speak from knowledge and with passion and conviction or do you "shoot from the hip" and say things that having little substance and impact. Learn to become a thoughtful and dynamic speaker who can hold an audience's attention. Techniques that Sharon teaches are unique and inspiring. Take a tester and join one of our 2 hour Master classes starting in June

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