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Welcome to TV Pro Global’s new workshop for proactive presenters. (Sydney)

This course was developed to give talent a further opportunity to:

Changes in the industry

Over the past 2 years, the TV Industry has changed rapidly with the introduction of on-line TV and social media platforms which has opened up many more opportunities for the new presenter as well as the entrepreneurial presenter.

Tapping into the on-line market requires skill, strategy and connections and this new digital medium is gaining in popularity so rapidly that mainstream channels have no option but to now cater to this ever popular ‘cyber option’.

So a person like yourself who is keen to move further into this industry, should also keep an open mind to either seeking work in online TV programs/channels or producing one yourself!

As well, many of our presenters are also working in mainstream TV and we would love you to hear how they got there. You will meet some of them.

 Our Proactive Presenter workshop will get you motivated to want to try every avenue to further your career as a TV Presenter. Every person in that class will contribute ‘what they have already experienced’ … and will also share their contacts with you (and vice versa). You will also leave with a defined strategy and a networking plan of action that you will be able to put into practice to maximize your chances of finding more opportunities in the TV industry.

Cost: $80 - discounted introduction cost

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