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March/April 2020





TV Pro Global is the #1 TV Presenting specialist for training and placing new and established TV Presenters in Australia. Established in 1994, We have the only casting and mentoring service for our new graduates, helping them to achieve their dream of becoming a TV Presenter. 

We train TV Presenters in Melbourne and Sydney and place in all states

  • FREE TV PRESENTER WORKSHOP SYDNEY: Saturday the 28th of March 2020. Online - Limited spaces
  • Sydney: Advanced A certificate - Saturday the 2nd and Sunday the 3rd of May 2020 - Only 5 to 6 enrolments
  • Mebourne: COMBO (Intermediate and/or Advanced A) - Sat the 18th & Sun the 19th of April 2020. Only 4 to 5 enrolments
  • Sydney: #Presemt #Produce #Promote - 4 day Online workshop 9th & 10th of May and 23rd & 24th of May 2020. Learn to present , shoot and produce all of your online/social media material & upload to websites & social media platforms. Includes social media guru to help you promote your brand/idea or story

TV Pro Global will also be running one workshop this year in Perth. 

Workshops are limited to only 4 - 6 students - all work is hands on and recorded

Trainer is reputable casting director Sharon Lynne

Plus well known TV Presenter is our industry guest speaker

Contact: (02) 9874 1484       Best number 0416 026 760


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How to 'qualify' for our TV Presenter workshop

Intermediate &/ or Advanced levels

These courses gives you maximum flexibility and a platform to develop your camera delivery skills for placement in the TV industry

To qualify for entrance into these courses you will need to have excellent communication skills; a diploma or degree qualification; (or) have experience in another field eg: finance/sport/architecture/health etc; Must be over 18yrs.

Please note: Journalism is only required for news and current affairs. If you would like to train for lifestyle, infotainment, kids etc journalism is not necessarily required. You will however need excellent communication skill and a charismatic personality.

Contact: (02) 9874 1484       Best number 0416 026 760


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What the training includes

The techniques covered in the training 

  • Defining the best programs for you to present (full assessment)

  • Skills to connect/engage with the viewer behind the lens

  • Key-wording and adlibbing skills

  • Personality development: Defining delivery/style; connecting with the content as well as the viewer. How to ‘drive’ content with personality

  • Experimenting with delivery styles: defining program suitability

  • Studio signals and studio expectations. Industry information

  • Scripting & presenting approx. 5 types of programs per day eg: travel; fashion; lifestyle; red carpet; corporate; news etc 

  • Formatting content for presenting Intros/closes/links/inserts (Advanced)

  • Audition skills and a variety of mock auditions 

  • Co-presenting. Learning to  interact/present with another presenter (Advanced)

  • Interviewing skills. Balancing your content/listening skills (Optional)

  • The ‘do’s and don’ts’ when reading an autocue. (training included)

  • Time-span awareness. Scripting & delivery to camera with time signals. (Advanced )

  • Working with producer’s instructions & direction

  • Dealing with performance anxiety & redirecting nervous energy

  • Broadcast vocal techniques including ‘shading’ vocal delivery

  • Learning how to move/walk while talking to camera

  • Learning how to prepare & dress for your audition

  • Formats for specialty presenting eg news; sport; finance; weather (Advanced)

  • All work is recorded onto your own individual SD card for personal rerview

  • Ideas and concepts to write your own TV Program (optional)

  • Information about acquiring an appropriate agent

  • Information and tips regarding “what producers look for”

  • Defining your strengths/versatility for show reels & auditions

  • Information about producing a show reel (Advanced)

  • Exploring social media trends to brand and promote you as a presenter
  • Eligibility to join the only on-line casting service for new Presenters in Australia exclusive to TV Pro Graduates & professional presenters (Advanced)

  • We design, shoot and edit personalized showreels for those completing the Advanced level

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Casting and mentoring service


(For NEW TV Presenters ONLY)

TV Pro Global is the only TV Presenter training organisation that includes a casting service AND mentoring service . No other TV training organisation offers this service .

We also have a new production department which means we now produce documentaries and corporate videos. We also shoot lifestyle reviews for online channels...and USE OUR OWN GRADUATES AS THE TALENT

The person you see presenting in the picture here is one of our graduates Peter Ockleshaw (Melbourne graduate) who was placed as the presenter in our July (2018) wild life orangutan documentary shot in Borneo. 

We also mentor our graduates offering advice, industry contacts as well as ongoing guidance on your journey into the TV Industry. (Mainstream & online TV)

Contact: (02) 9874 1484       Best number 0416 026 760