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NEWSLETTER  - December 2021      


I love the saying “when the going gets tough, the tough gets going”. This is surely the time to action these words.

It’s a tough time for everyone and my heart goes out to those struggling to cope. The good news is that it's getting better and production companies are gearing up to cast for presenters. 

January is going to be a humdinger of a month and why not? We will all be able to celebrate Christmas with friends and family in Australia and that in itself is a great sign that things are on the up-and-up.

So what IS in store for us all in the New Year.


We all know how effective video has become in this technically and digitally orientated world. To ignore the magnitude of its effectiveness could be adopting the “ostrich-in-the-sand attitude”.

Think about how you could use video to brand yourself, your product, your service and your business. Because NOW is the time.

If you miss out on the timing of 'the recovery', it will be such a shame. So get going guys and prepare for your entrance into the TV and online industries in the New Year. Feel free to send me an email asking for some guidance .

So what will you need?

In short....specialised presenter training, a competitive showreel, a social media platform/s geared to promoting yourself as a presenter and a strategic plan of action.

All of this is offered to you through your membership with TV Pro Global. Just ask!

As well, the introduction of online TV is eventually starting to make a much bigger impact in the world of broadcast. It stands to reason. So  online opportunities for our new graduates and especially specialist presenters, is already becoming more abundant. 

So .... look forward to the rise in popularity of online TV: online entertainment, online lifestyle and specialty prgrams (eg health & nutrition; finance; DIY; cooking etc) and online reviews. These programs/genres are growing in popularity and at an alarming rate. 

Meanwhile TV Pro Global will continue offering students a choice to train online or live. We aim to implement all sorts of exciting new online training programs to help you upskill during and after these challenging times. Please see "training programs" on our website for all of our new training programs coming to you in 2021.

Dont forget casting season starts end of January 2022... so prepare now!

Times are changing rapidly and it’s time to adapt to these changes…. Don’t get left behind.

Take care y'all!

Sharon Lynne





TV Pro Global is the #1 TV Presenting specialist for training and placing new and established TV Presenters in Australia. Established in 1994, We have the only casting and mentoring service for our new graduates, helping them to achieve their dream of becoming a TV Presenter. 

We train TV Presenters in Melbourne and Sydney and place in all states

TV Pro Global will also be running one workshop this year in Perth. 

Workshops are limited to only 4 - 6 students - all work is hands on and recorded

Trainer is reputable casting director Sharon Lynne

Plus well known TV Presenter is our industry guest speaker

Contact:  0416 026 760

Applications:              see below

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How to 'qualify' for our TV Presenter workshop

Intermediate &/ or Advanced levels

These courses gives you maximum flexibility and a platform to develop your camera delivery skills for placement in the TV industry

To qualify for entrance into these courses you will need to have excellent communication skills; a diploma or degree qualification; (or) have experience in another field eg: finance/sport/architecture/health etc; Must be over 18yrs.

Please note: Journalism is only required for news and current affairs. If you would like to train for lifestyle, infotainment, kids etc journalism is not necessarily required. You will however need excellent communication skill and a charismatic personality.

Contact: (02) 9874 1484       Best number 0416 026 760


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What the training includes

The techniques covered in the training 

  • Defining the best programs for you to present (full assessment)

  • Skills to connect/engage with the viewer behind the lens

  • Key-wording and adlibbing skills

  • Personality development: Defining delivery/style; connecting with the content as well as the viewer. How to ‘drive’ content with personality

  • Experimenting with delivery styles: defining program suitability

  • Studio signals and studio expectations. Industry information

  • Scripting & presenting approx. 5 types of programs per day eg: travel; fashion; lifestyle; red carpet; corporate; news etc 

  • Formatting content for presenting Intros/closes/links/inserts (Advanced)

  • Audition skills and a variety of mock auditions 

  • Co-presenting. Learning to  interact/present with another presenter (Advanced)

  • Interviewing skills. Balancing your content/listening skills (Optional)

  • The ‘do’s and don’ts’ when reading an autocue. (training included)

  • Time-span awareness. Scripting & delivery to camera with time signals. (Advanced )

  • Working with producer’s instructions & direction

  • Dealing with performance anxiety & redirecting nervous energy

  • Broadcast vocal techniques including ‘shading’ vocal delivery

  • Learning how to move/walk while talking to camera

  • Learning how to prepare & dress for your audition

  • Formats for specialty presenting eg news; sport; finance; weather (Advanced)

  • All work is recorded onto your own individual SD card for personal rerview

  • Ideas and concepts to write your own TV Program (optional)

  • Information about acquiring an appropriate agent

  • Information and tips regarding “what producers look for”

  • Defining your strengths/versatility for show reels & auditions

  • Information about producing a show reel (Advanced)

  • Exploring social media trends to brand and promote you as a presenter
  • Eligibility to join the only on-line casting service for new Presenters in Australia exclusive to TV Pro Graduates & professional presenters (Advanced)

  • We design, shoot and edit personalized showreels for those completing the Advanced level

See below

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Casting and mentoring service


(For NEW TV Presenters ONLY)

TV Pro Global is the only TV Presenter training organisation that includes a casting service AND mentoring service . No other TV training organisation offers this service .

We also have a new production department which means we now produce documentaries and corporate videos. We also shoot lifestyle reviews for online channels...and USE OUR OWN GRADUATES AS THE TALENT ; PRESENTERS and/or PRODUCERS

The person you see presenting in the picture here is one of our graduates Peter Ockleshaw (Melbourne graduate) who was placed as the presenter in our wild life orangutan documentary shot in Borneo. 

We are presently busy producing a BUSINESS/ENVIRO program. Two of our graduates are involved as presenters: Katrina Bullock & Hamish Adams-Cairns. So watch this space. 

We also mentor our graduates offering advice, industry contacts as well as ongoing guidance on your journey into the TV Industry and/or your own online programs . (Mainstream & online TV)

Placements 2021

Congratulations to the following graduates who have secured placement in the industry during 2021

Melissa Darmawan: FNN (Finance News Network)- Reporter - Syd

Ana Neves Pellegrini - CNN/Portugul (reporting from Sydney)

Lisa keller - Celebrity Interviewer Ch 10 + news reporter-Adelaide 

Alyssia Varichio - Channel Nine producer/reporter

David Chau - ABC finance reporter

Katrina Bullock - Media reporter Greenpeace

Hamish Southwell - Reporter Channel 7

Maddie Penelope - Sky News reporter/producer

Annabel Murphy - Euronews channel - The Netherlands

Olga Yevetska - SBS - Russian broadcast/satellite- Melb

Keira Proust - ABC News - Reporter - NSW

Matt Mateo Field - 'Music People Live' - Music presenter - Syd/Newcastle

Contact:  Best number 0416 026 760 ;  (02) 9874 1484