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  • Corporate Storytelling Workshop

    Stories captivate everyone. Whether your preference lies in adventure, horror, humor, or a classic love tale, a compelling narrative captivates the entire population. Yet, storytelling extends beyond the realms of cinema and literature; it is fundamental for businesses.

    Consider the brands you cherish—the ones you resonate with. They all weave their own narratives, a key strategy to connect with their audience and breathe life into their products. Brand storytelling is a craft, utilizing narrative elements to convey a brand's essence—its identity, values, history, purpose, and offerings—to the intended audience.

    It transcends the mere presentation of facts and features. Through emotional storytelling, one can share captivating, relatable tales, fostering profound connections and engagement with customers.

    Welcome to our state-of-the-art corporate storytelling workshop, where we invite you to share your story, idea, brand, purpose, or goal. Together, we'll…

    • Break down outdated storytelling habits
    • Spotlight your unique strengths
    • Infuse personalized skills to unleash your full presentation potential.

     Through this transformative process, watch your content and delivery flourish with depth, excitement, and authenticity. Allow me to be your guide in honing the art of storytelling, elevating your narrative from mediocre to masterful.

    UPCOMING: Sat 10 Feb 24
  • Corporate Media Presenter Trial Workshop

    How you communicate in the workforce has changed!

    Companies information, demonstrations and sales are now mostly on video. Many times  an employer from their company is now required to present on camera.

    TV Pro Global is offering this free session to anyone wanting to explore presenting skills to increase comfort and confidence on camera. Join our 2-hour 'taster' presenter training workshop for business teams and corporate management.

    Includes: promos; product launches; online interviews; presentations

    UPCOMING: Thu 15 Feb 24
  • Proactive Presenter Workshop

    Castings - Contacts –Connections - Industry news

    Welcome to TV Pro Global’s new workshop for proactive presenters.


    Current Trends & Techniques in the media

    + Branding & monetizing your talent as a business

    UPCOMING: Sat 20 Jul 24

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