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Intermediate and/or Advanced A weekend Courses (Online)

Intermediate and/or Advanced A weekend course (Combo)

Melbourne/Sydney (National)

Combo or Advanced A certificate course ONLINE ONLY - 6 enrolments 

or the option of training one-on-one with 4 private sessions of 1.5 hrs each

National ONLINE: 15th & 16th of June 2024

Now a National on-line workshop or 4 private sessions

        “Defining the professional presenter

To qualify for this course you will need to have excellent communication & writing skills; good confidence; (preferrable) training and/or media qualification

Price : $895 online. Earlybird $795

Students discount available on request. Cond. apply.


(Intermediate & Advanced combined) 

This course gives you maximum flexibility and a platform to develop your casting skills for placement in the industry

We welcome applicants with a specialty eg: finance, environment; architecture; sort; fashion; sales; real estate; journalism etc 


Melbourne       $895 ONLINE  

Sydney            $895 ONLINE  

Perth               $895 ONLINE 

Brisbane        $895 ONLINE

All states online: $895 incl gst

Earlybird: $795

To qualify for entrance into this course you will need to have excellent communication skills and/or a diploma or degree qualification; (or) have experience in another field eg: finance/sport/architecture/health etc; be over 18yrs

Please note: Journalism is required for news and current affairs. If you would like to train for lifestyle, infotainment, kids etc journalism is not necessarily required. You will however need excellent communication skills.

Student bursaries are available for our combo courses; conditions apply 

We offer an early bird fee of $795 if paid in full 4 weeks prior to course 

Dates:  Intermediate or Advanced A certificate course ONLINE ONLY - 6 places

This course is now online & live . You may opt for 4 private sessions (optional)

The techniques covered in the training are:

    • Defining the best programs/genres for you to present (full assessment)
    • Skills to connect/engage with your viewer behind the lens
    • Key-wording & adlibbing skills with specific time-frames
    • Content accuracy when formatting or delivering information to specific audiences/viewers
    • Defining screen personality: Defining delivery/style; connecting with the content as well as the viewer.
    • How to ‘drive’ content with objective at the forefront.
    • Experimenting with delivery styles: defining program suitability
    • Studio signals and studio expectations. Industry information
    • Scripting/formatting & presenting approx. 5-8 types of programs and/or promos per day eg: travel; news report; lifestyle; health; red carpet; corporate; news anchor, finance, or your own material
    • Formatting content for presenting Intros/closes/links/inserts/online segments/promos/media comment
    • Audition skills and a variety of mock auditions and/or mock online promos     n/a
    • Co-presenting. Learning to interact/present with another presenter for live or media appearances
    • Interviewing skills. Determining the needs & expectations of your demographic
    • Interviewing skills: Relevant content/listening skills/diplomacy/succinct questions & answers
    • The ‘do’s and don’ts’ when reading an autocue. (Autocue available on site and/or on your iphone)
    • Time-span awareness. (Scripting and delivery to camera with time signals)
    • Working with producer’s instructions & direction (for mainstream TV)
    • Dealing with performance anxiety & redirecting nervous energy when presenting
    • Broadcast vocal techniques including ‘shading’ vocal delivery
    • Learning how to move/walk while talking to camera
    • Learning how to prepare & dress for your audition and/or any video appearance
    • Skills/formats for specialty presenting eg news; sport; finance; weather reporting
    • Ideas and concepts to write your own TV Program (optional)
    • Information about acquiring an appropriate agent (optional)
    • Information and tips regarding what producers look for
    • Information and tips regarding what your demographic/viewer looks for
    • Defining your strengths/ for show reels, auditions and online appearances
    • Exploring the social media platform for self-promotion
    • Information about producing a show reel (optional)
    • Eligibility to join the only on-line casting service for new Presenters in Australia exclusive to TV Pro Graduates & professional presenters
    Ø  Tips and ideas to help market yourself into the TV arena

    **Please note: this is a practical course and all exercises are delivered to camera

  • We design, shoot and edit personalized showreels for those completing the Advanced level

 To be considered for a place please forward an application:


Testimonials for online course:

Zuzi Fort (Sydney) - Actor/drama teacher/stunt woman

Being a busy professional woman and a mum, I find it hard to find the time to do anything for myself. So, I was thrilled to find that TV Pro Global Advance Presenting course run by Sharon Lynne was also offered online. I snatched the opportunity and I have not looked back.  

Working with Sharon on Zoom was an intense yet absolutely amazing and highly enjoyable experience. Sharon was able to reach right through the camera and explain exactly what she wanted me to understand. In fact, she was able to use Zoom itself and demonstrate some of the techniques of reaching an audience through the lens of a camera as well as skills such as autocue. I have learned so much and gained such insight and all in the comfort of my own home. It was an absolute pleasure, privilege and thrill to work with Sharon on Zoom.  

 Bella Benjamin (Perth)- Actor/Presenter/visual designer

Sharon's TV Presenter Advanced-A intensive course was honestly the best I have done, and the fact that it was taught online over Zoom didn’t diminish it at all. I learnt so much over the course of the weekend and felt totally welcome to be myself and step out of my comfort zone. Sharon's experience in the industry is truly astounding and gave me the confidence to trust in her direction and advice regarding technique, personality and how to 'make it' in the world of presenting.

Sharon's training has given me the skills and knowledge I need to take the next step in my presenting career, whatever form that takes. Most importantly though, I want to thank her for being so open and sharing some of her story with us. Her passion for people, animals and our world is truly inspiring and it’s who she is as a person that makes her such a great teacher and coach.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you Sharon!

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Intermediate & Advanced Combined National Online




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