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Introductory 2-HOUR FREE TV Presenting workshop

Introductory 2 HOUR FREE TV Presenting workshop 
Date: to be confirmed             
Discover your potential to work as a TV Presenter in Mainstream & on-line TV + corporate videos

Producers need vets, fashionistas, health experts; journalists, financiers, sports journos, lawyers, landscape\rs, chefs etc to present specialty programs. Whether it’s a guest on a morning show or your own online blog, if you have the experience in your field of work, we will give you the tools to educate and motivate a TV audience. Let us train and promote you to the TV industry.

It includes:

  • Discovering more about the ‘workings’ of the TV industry
  • Learning how to present from a script – the do’s and don’t’s
  • Learning how to present without a script
  • Introduction to the autocue (teleprompter)
  • Learning how to close a program
  • Industry guest speaker ( Trained and placed by TV Pro Global)
  • Discounted rates to for our Intermediate or advanced workshops. 

Dates: to be confirmed

Times 9.30am to 11.30am

Registration is required to linkup to workshop

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Price:  FREE

All work recorded for you

 To be considered for a place please forward a non-obligatory application:

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To be considered for a place please forward a non-obligatory application.


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