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Social Media Promotions workshop


Introducing our latest live workshop to help you present, produce and promote OUTSTANDING podcasts, promos and showreels. 

Learn to produce and package your skill, your story, your product or your business on all social media platforms and channels


Produce & promote your story - talent - service - website - business  

The power of video: promotions - stories - review - education - entertainment - inspiration


We are all living in a period of multiple challenges and changes and instead of feeling overwhelmed by it all, why not use these new mediums to target your exact audience and find an innovative way to promote yourself, your story or your brand. Learn to produce your own podcasts, content and/or showreel for promotional purposes.

Here is a list of what the end product can be utilized for:

  • An online channel  interview people about their stories; educational videos etc
  • Promote your own business: introduce your services/products/specialty etc
  • Product influencing: find sponsors to promote products. Learn how to film & present
  • Travel vlogging:A step by step skill-set to vlog/present, edit & upload a travel series
  • Anything else: Come with YOUR IDEA and produce it for online audiences
  • Training videos: Produce a training video – any content - for a specialized audience

 TV Pro Global has just introduced their latest  course where you will learn everything from presenting to producing content for social media… all in two days!

Please note: Another workshop for SM marketing strategies is optional but recommended.

This course is called 'SOCIAL MEDIA PROMOTIONS WORKSHOP'. It includes:

  • Collate & format your content into a storyboard for you to present & produce
  • Skills to film yourself and/or your content with iPhone or small camera
  • How to frame your subject or yourself; light your subject; control sound 
  • Learn the skills to frame and use different frames for storyboarding
  • How to use a selfie stick and/or tripod while vlogging/presenting 
  • Produce short vlogs from travel & product reviews (influencing)  to health & real estate segments. As well as producing promos for your own website, social media platforms or showreel.
  • Learn how to film, edit and produce your own segments for upload to social media sites
  • Start your own channel – we help you initiate it prior to the workshop
  • Promote! learn from our new social media guru how and where to attract the right demographics to build your followers….promote yourself and your brand and get noticed! (This is another day's workshop not included in the PPP workshop)


Dates for this 2 day LIVE course

Weekend:  22nd & 23rd of June 2024 (Only in Sydney - this is a live course)

Price: 1295.00 incl. gst

Earlybird fee: $950 if paid 4 weeks in advance

1st day

  • Brainstorm your content
  • Story-board & design the first segment
  • Learn how to shoot from your iphone or android phone (example)
  • Learn how to mic and light yourself and your subject
  • Shoot and present your content/story/interview
  • Learn how to shoot B-roll (example)
  • Upload to computer and prepare for edit on the 2nd day

2nd day 

  • Edit your story using an editing app on your iphone or computer 
  • Learn how to add effects, music overlay, voice-over and inserts
  • Learn how to edit chromokey (Basics)
  • Upload your promo to social media platforms
  • Launch your story/promo online

If you’re keen to reserve a place, please email Director of TV Pro Global, Sharon Lynne for an application

Please note: There are a few prerequisites for this online course:

  • Preferable to have done a presenter/presentation course
  • Should know the basics of edit even on an iPhone
  • Should have at least one social media page
  • Need laptop or computer; camera or iPhone 8 upwards or android equivalent
  • Accessories eg: mic for iPhone (optional); selfie stick; little iphone light (optional)

There are only 5 places available in this course

If you wish to apply kindly complete the application below and email back to

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To be considered for a place please forward a non-obligatory application.


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