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Dates: 5th to 9th of August 2023 (out on the 10th)

Course: Travel blogging – Bali

Prior to leaving: 1.5 days training, planning, reseaching + information etc 

Travel: 5 nights 4 blissful days



Breakfast is included plus 1 extra meal per day. You will need to pay for the third meal and snacks.


**Road trip back to Denpasar is covered if you depart on the evening of the 9th or morning of the 10th of August 2023. 

Feel free to extend your trip at your own cost.

Cost: $2650 + gst 

This price does not include airfares. See below **

Deposit to secure your place in a group of 5:  $300

Balance for course: $ 2,350 (+gst)

We will try to secure discounted  or group rates for flights.

Or you may purchase your own with your points etc

Preferred airline if you fly with us: Virgin 

Balance due: 8 weeks prior to departure (5th of June)

Or ask for our 4–5-month instalment plan.

**NOT included:

There are only 5 places available. Cond. apply

Please note: It would be advisable to do a short travel journo course prior to doing this vlogging course to learn the ins and outs of travel blogging for an income. We recommend the Morris Journalism Academy.





E-mail address:


Website: (if applicable)

Social media links: 

LinkedIn; Facebook; Instagram; YouTube; Twitter etc

1. Do you presently have a YouTube channel and/or blog; or video on your website?

    Please supply URL’s/links etc:

2. Where have you travelled in the past 5 years?

3. Are you confident presenting to camera/mobile phone?

4. Have you completed a TV presenter course? If so, where?

5. What angle do you want to focus on for your travel blog?

    eg: sales; lifestyle; health; entertainment etc

6. Would you want your travel blog to educate; inspire; motivate; entertain; sell… or a combination of all or some?

    Don’t worry if you don’t know yet

7. What is the age demographic of your audience?

8. Have you ever been a social media influencer or professional blogger? Explain + add links

9. Do you have experience in any form of video production? Explain

10. Do you have access to a camera or phone with video component? Explain

11. Will you have access to a video editing program on your laptop or phone?

12. Do you have any medical condition that may limit your physical activity. Eg, cycling; water rafting; bungee-jumping;         swimming etc

13. What would you like to achieve from this workshop?

14. Which course are you applying for? (Mention dates and country)

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