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TV Pro Global offers all graduates ongoing career guidance and mentoring in their pursuit of placement .        

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27th of February 2024
Discover your potential to work as a TV Presenter in Mainstream & on-line TV + corporate videos

Producers need vets, fashionistas, health experts; landscape\rs, cooks etc to present specialty programs. Whether it’s a guest on a morning show or your own online blog, if you have the experience in your field of work, we will give you the tools to educate and motivate a TV audience. Let us train and promote you to the TV industry.

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Date: Tuesday 27th of February 2024. Enquiries welcome

Times: 6.30pm to 7.30pm 

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Proactive Presenter workshop

Date: 24th of February 2024 - National online Four hours online

Meet profile TV Presenters. Q & A; advice; tips and ideas to secure placement in the industry


Castings - Contacts –Connections - Industry news

Welcome to TV Pro Global’s new workshop for proactive presenters.

This course was developed to give talent a further opportunity to: 


 Changes in the industry

Over the past 3 years, the TV Industry has changed rapidly with the introduction of on-line TV and social media platforms which has opened up many more opportunities for the new presenter as well as the entrepreneurial presenter.

Tapping into the on-line market requires skill, strategy and connections and this new digital medium is gaining in popularity so rapidly that mainstream channels have no option but to now cater to this ever popular ‘cyber option’.