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Please note bookings are limited to only 5-6 students per group. Bookings are open now for all courses. 

All courses are held over a weekend. Some may include a Friday

TV Pro Global offers all graduates ongoing career guidance and mentoring in their pursuit of placement .        

Student part-bursaries are available for our TV Presenter courses; conditions apply 

Costs vary depending on which level you apply for. See training workshops 

Join our FREE TV Presenting casting assessment 
Discover your potential to work as a TV Presenter in Mainstream & on-line TV + corporate videos

Producers need vets, fashionistas, health experts; landscape\rs, cooks etc to present specialty programs. Whether it’s a guest on a morning show or your own online blog, if you have the experience in your field of work, we will give you the tools to educate and motivate a TV audience. Let us train and promote you to the TV industry.

It includes:

7th of October- 2023

Times 9.30am to 11.00pm

Registration is required 

For more information :

Info brochure:

All work recorded for you

 To be considered for a place please forward a non-obligatory application:

Produce and present your own Youtube program/channel, called:

'YouTube' your passion

  This is a live course -Dates to be confirmed 2023

I have been asked to host this workshop for the past 2 years and finally we are launching it in 2023!

If you are a specialist/knowledgeable in a particular genre and passionate about getting your message out there to educate, inspire and entertain your viewer....then let us show you how to create your own program/channel and launch it on YouTube .

If you have an idea for a show, this is an effective and rewarding way to find and build your audience so you eventually pitch your idea to the channels just like Yvonne Brassington and other past students have done. This weekend workshop will take you step by step through the process.

Price:  $1250 plus gst  - Live in studio & on location - SYDNEY

Dates: DTBC 2023 (Similar content as our first 2 days of the "Present! Produce! Promote!" course. See below ***)

Don’t just dream, or talk about it ….. do something about it! Bring your idea to life!

Bookings limited to ONLY 6 students.

 To be considered for a place please forward a non-obligatory application:



Next session: Tuesday the 26th of September 2023

Time 6 pm to 8pm

Technique: How to control your anxiety during a casting.

Aligning your thought ; keeping focused on the storyline while battling with anxiety

Train in a virtual studio with camera and autocue

Each session focuses on one or two (max) techniques

One-on-one training in break-away rooms.

All work is recorded

Use this link to info page for content, dates & times

Only $80 per session! Classes limited to 5 students   


Intermediate and/or Advanced A weekend course (Combo)

Melbourne/Sydney (National)

Combo or Advanced A certificate course ONLINE ONLY - 6 enrolments 

National ONLINE:  4th & 5th of November 2023

Now a National on-line workshop

        “Defining the professional presenter

To qualify for this course you will need to have excellent communication & writing skills; good confidence; (preferrable) training and/or media qualification

6 participants: $895 online. Earlybird $795


(Intermediate & Advanced combined) 

This course gives you maximum flexibility and a platform to develop your casting skills for placement in the industry

We welcome applicants with a specialty eg: finance, environment; architecture; sort; fashion; sales; real estate; journalism etc 


Melbourne $1395.00 LIVE      $895 ONLINE  

Sydney      $1395.00 LIVE      $895 ONLINE  

Perth         $1395.00 LIVE      $895 ONLINE 

Brisbane  $1395.00  LIVE      $895 ONLINE

All states online: $895 incl gst earlybird $795

To qualify for entrance into this course you will need to have excellent communication skills and/or a diploma or degree qualification; (or) have experience in another field eg: finance/sport/architecture/health etc; be over 18yrs

Please note: Journalism is required for news and current affairs. If you would like to train for lifestyle, infotainment, kids etc journalism is not necessarily required. You will however need excellent communication skills.

Student bursaries are available for our combo courses; conditions apply 

We offer an early bird fee of $795 if paid in full 4 weeks prior to course 

Dates:  Intermediate or Advanced A certificate course ONLINE ONLY - 6 places

This course is now online & live .

The techniques covered in the training are:

 To be considered for a place please forward an application:


Testimonials for online course:

Zuzi Fort (Sydney) - Actor/drama teacher/stunt woman

Being a busy professional woman and a mum, I find it hard to find the time to do anything for myself. So, I was thrilled to find that TV Pro Global Advance Presenting course run by Sharon Lynne was also offered online. I snatched the opportunity and I have not looked back.  

Working with Sharon on Zoom was an intense yet absolutely amazing and highly enjoyable experience. Sharon was able to reach right through the camera and explain exactly what she wanted me to understand. In fact, she was able to use Zoom itself and demonstrate some of the techniques of reaching an audience through the lens of a camera as well as skills such as autocue. I have learned so much and gained such insight and all in the comfort of my own home. It was an absolute pleasure, privilege and thrill to work with Sharon on Zoom.  

 Bella Benjamin (Perth)- Actor/Presenter/visual designer

Sharon's TV Presenter Advanced-A intensive course was honestly the best I have done, and the fact that it was taught online over Zoom didn’t diminish it at all. I learnt so much over the course of the weekend and felt totally welcome to be myself and step out of my comfort zone. Sharon's experience in the industry is truly astounding and gave me the confidence to trust in her direction and advice regarding technique, personality and how to 'make it' in the world of presenting.

Sharon's training has given me the skills and knowledge I need to take the next step in my presenting career, whatever form that takes. Most importantly though, I want to thank her for being so open and sharing some of her story with us. Her passion for people, animals and our world is truly inspiring and it’s who she is as a person that makes her such a great teacher and coach.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you Sharon!

Advanced A weekend certificate TV Presenter course

" versatility brings opportunity"


Industry recognised TV Presenter certificate course

To qualify for entrance into this course you will need to have excellent communication skills and/or some journalistic/communication qualification; (or) have experience in another field; be over 18yrs

As we cast for all programs, we encourage business specialtists and other professional/career arenas to apply for this course. Producers are always looking for "specialty" presenters . Eg: animal and home improvement programs to finance, health and sports programs etc. You will need experience and knowledge in your area of expertise to present these types of programs!

Please note: Journalism is required for news and current affairs. If you would like to train for lifestyle, infotainment, kids etc journalism is not necessarily required. You will however need excellent communication skills and a clear vocal delivery.

Student bursaries are available for our combo courses; conditions apply 

Price: $1395 LIVE IN STUDIO or  $895 ONLINE (incl gst)

Live earlybird fee: $1195 if paid in full 4 weeks prior to course.

Online earlybird fee: $795 if paid in full 4 weeks prior to course


  • Defining the best programs for you to present (full assessment)
  • Skills to connect/engage with the viewer behind the lens as a presenter
  • Key-wording and adlibbing skills with specific time-frames
  • Personality development: Defining delivery/style; connecting with the content as well as the viewer.
  • How to ‘drive’ content with your personality. Personality modulation.
  • Experimenting with delivery styles: defining program suitability
  • Studio signals and studio expectations. Industry information
  • Scripting & presenting approx. 5-8 types of programs per day eg: travel; news report; fashion; lifestyle; health; red carpet; corporate; news anchor, sport, finance etc
  • Formatting content for presenting Intros/closes/links/inserts
  • Audition skills and a variety of mock auditions
  • Co-presenting. Learning to  interact/present with another presenter
  • Interviewing skills. Balancing your content/listening skills 
  • The ‘do’s and don’ts’ when reading an autocue. (Autocue available on site & online)
  • Time-span awareness. (Scripting and delivery to camera with time signals )
  • Working with producer’s instructions & direction
  • Dealing with performance anxiety & redirecting nervous energy
  • Broadcast vocal techniques including ‘shading’ vocal delivery
  • Learning how to move/walk while talking to camera
  • Learning how to prepare & dress for your audition
  • Skills/formats for specialty presenting eg news; sport; finance; weather reporting
  • Ideas and concepts to write your own TV Program (optional)
  • Information about acquiring an appropriate agent
  • Information and tips regarding “what producers look for”
  • Defining your strengths/versatility for show reels & auditions
  • Exploring the social media platform for self-promotion
  • Information about producing a show reel (optional)
  • We design/produce showreels to suit each person’s strengths & genre suitability
  • Eligibility to join the only on-line casting service for new Presenters in
  • Tips and ideas to help market yourself into the TV arena

Australia  - exclusive to TV Pro Graduates & professional presenters

**Please note: this is a practical course and all exercises are delivered to camera               

Wendy Kingston news ch9   David Chau finance ABC   Katrina Bullock reporter -Greenpeace Emily Rice News ch 9/10/reporter    

All trained with TV Pro Global 

 After you have completed this weekend certificate course you will have acquired a competitive style in front of camera and be ready for the audition process. You will be eligible for TV Pro Global's casting service exclusive only to TV Pro Global's graduates. You will also be given producer's/production co's contact numbers and taught how to 'self-promote'. There are many opportunities for new presenters at the moment with the increase of programs on pay TV and a growing demand of Presenters for online programs, web hosting and developing and presenting ‘your own’ YouTube channel/program . See ‘casting’ for more details on our casting website.

Your portfolio- showreel

Most of our Advanced A students have a showreel produced by our production department. See ‘showreels’ for more information on how to have one designed and produced.

 To be considered for a place please forward a non-obligatory application:

Corporate broadcast media workshop 

Promote your brand on-line; present content professionally; educate with video

2 day (weekend) workshop - Dates: to be confirmed

The power of presenting on video, includes:

Using social media, websites, online and mainstream TV 


Promote your brand on-line; present your content professionally; educate with video

Time 9.00 – 5.00pm Both days. Includes lunch & refreshments

Day 1: Trainer Sharon Lynne 

Price of first day: $980 plus gst

Price for second day: $715 plus gst

Day 2: Includes social media guru with Sharon Lynne (Day 2 is optional)

Numbers limited to only 8 participants  

Price for both days $1695 plus gst

Earlybird for both days $1450 if paid 4 weeks in advance 

No earlybird fee for one day's training for all inquiries

Director Sharon Lynne – 0416026760

#Present #Produce #Promote 

     Introducing our latest online & live workshop to help you present, produce and promote... 

....your skill, your story, your product or your business on all social media platforms and channels

Offering training....          and   

Similar content to our  "YouTube your Passion" workshop .... except MUCH MORE!!

your story - service - website - business - promo  

The power of video: promotions - stories - review - education - entertainment - inspiration

Called #Present #Produce #Promote

We are all living in a period of multiple challenges and instead of buckling to the limitations, why not find another innovative way to reach out to a wider audience by presenting and producing your own online content. Here is a list of what we can help you with:

 TV Pro Global has just introduced their latest online course where you will learn everything from presenting to producing and promoting your content for social media… all in four days!

We have split the course up into two sessions. The 2nd session for editing your footage/story and marketing strategies are optional but recommended.

The course is called #Present #Produce #Promote. It includes:


Dates for 4 day online course

PLEASE NOTE: You may choose 1 to 4 workshops . You do not have to complete all four.

Each day of the workshop costs $610.00

Dates: To be confirmed

Cost for all 4 workshops: $2440

Dates: 6th & 7th of May and 13th & 14th of May 2023 (Weekends) 

If you’re keen to reserve a place, please email Director of TV Pro Global, Sharon Lynne. 

If you have trained with TV Pro Global we will discount the total price by 10%

Please note: There are a few prerequisites for this online course:

There are only 5 places available in this course

If you wish to apply kindly complete the application below and email back to  (copy & paste)

Hard-line News reporting - 2 day workshop

2023: Dates to be confirmed 2023

News –Sport – Finance - entertainment

Requirements: Must have a journalism or media communications degree, sports journalism, or grad. diploma/journo/sports/media 

Includes: researching; scripting; PTC’s; reporting; commentary, news package/story, interviews; teleprompter - anchor news (News/sports/finance)

This course is ideal for the graduate journalist, (news, finance or sport)  who requires more camera technique and on-air content delivery experience prior to going for castings or applying for an internship. It will prepare you for a news/sports/finance portfolio for entrance into the news/media arena. Please note the price of a portfolio or showreel is separate to the workshop price.

Dates:   to be confirmed 2023

workshop price: $1295 incl gst

Earlybird price: $1050

Student bursaries available- conditions apply


You will have the option of producing a News/Sports or Finance specialty reel which includes:

Choose a genre/s: News & Current affairs; sports or finance


Price varies according to content and production. The showreel is not included in the price of the course

Advanced B course (6 days- part of which you will be filming  with trainer/producer/director)


Provided: all sound equipment; broadcast camera for final shoot; editing suite; green screen studio; directer; producer; editor; transport

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