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by Sharon Lynne



Hello… and welcome to TV Pro Global!

It’s been a challenging couple of years for almost everyone but the good news is, not only are the industry wheels starting to churn again, but many new and exciting production ideas, platforms and genres are surfacing.

I am talking about online reviews that look more like lifestyle and travel programs, online educational and training programs and of course social media opportunities like influencing, YouTube channels and self-promotion. Somewhere in the midst of all of that lies mainstream TV programs …which we still also cast for.

In saying this, one thing is obvious….. there are a lot of new opportunities for presenting and the only way you will get noticed is to ‘stand out from the crowd’.

So how do you do that?

Becoming a magnetic and well-liked personality, knowing when too much is too much… and having your promotional tools nicely packaged enabling you to target the medium and audience that suits your content and style, takes industry knowledge and strategy.

So where do you get that?

Well …. This is where our specialty comes in. If you want to make a lucrative career as a presenter, then train first to find the real, exciting, credible and connected presenter in you….to stand out from the crowd!

Learn how to recognize your strengths and versatility as a presenter. Learn how to use your professional experience in your field, as a presenter. (Whether it’s business, real estate, health, kids , gardening etc) Let us help you find work as a presenter in the industry using what you already have.

To find out how this all works and before you commit to the full journey, you are welcome to join one of our free online casting and info sessions (3 hours ) . You will find the dates in our training and workshops section of the site.

TV Pro Global is not a train- and- exit service…. Instead, we offer you an entire train -to- cast service together with a mentoring and production service, which will help guide you all the way through to industry placement.

It’s an exciting time to take your presenting career to a professional level.

We would love to hear from you!

Warm regards,

Sharon Lynne


TV Pro Global


May 18, 2023
Category: Latest News


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