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The Power of The Voice

The Power of the Voice

Discover the tone that triggers the right reaction!

The way you speak tells a lot about you and your state of mind


The tone of your voice can magnetise, inspire and persuade an audience as much as it can

make crucial content sound insignificant?

One of the most underestimated tools in presentation and communication is the voice. Whether it is a phone call, a conference, a corporate presentation, a job interview, a product launch, a media release or in fact any form of communication for any occasion.

Understanding how your voice can affect your delivery is vital to the final outcome of any presentation or conversation. Think about the quality of your voice and answer these questions:

  • Does your voice reveal your underlying mood or anxiety?
  • Does your thought fragment, hindering a spontaneous and fluid delivery
  • Do you talk too fast when you are nervous?
  • Do you stall or stutter when you feel apprehensive?
  • Does bad breathing affect your tone or flow of speech?
  • Do you slur or not open your mouth enough when you talk?
  • Does your pitch alter when you are anxious?
  • Do people relly LISTEN when you speak?

The vocal techniques that you can learn from TV PRO GLOBAL'S one day vocal workshop will teach you how to speak with clarity, credibility, purpose and impact. There is no other training organisation that teaches these unique techniques that the Director, Sharon Lynne has formulated which she calls ‘persuasive vocal art’.


Dynamic vocal skills for on-camera or public forum delivery 

This is a one-day workshop suitable for any person who wishes to improve their vocal delivery to:

  • Break old habits
  • Speak with clarity and confidence
  • Exhibit unique vocal presence
  • Align muddled thought into succinct dialogue
  • Colour your content to create curiosity (modulate)
  •  Learn how to become a powerful orator with personalised skills

(The use of cameras and/or a voice recorder is used during training, for feedback.)

 Sharon Lynne Director of TV Pro Global is a qualified and experienced speech and drama specialist and has also performed and presented professionally for over forty years. She began training performance and presentation at the age of 18 and forty-four years later is known in the corporate and broadcasting industries for her unique techniques and proven results.

She offers a FREE 1/2 hour vocal assessment (trial training session)  prior to training both one-on-one and/or group workshops.



Ph: 0416 026 760

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