TV Pro Global

Showreel Production

For talent who wish to market and network themselves within the industry, TV Pro Global offers superior showreel production services to both our training graduates and interested talent.

Reels are designed to showcase versatility and accurately reflect performance levels.

Assistance with scripting, lay out and design are provided alongside advice on dress/style/colours.

A combination of studio & on-location  shoots is offered to talent to create a competitive industry-standard showreel.

'Talking Showreels' with  Director  Sharon Lynne

' Showreels are the  most important tools for promotional purposes in the TV Presenting Industry. They are used for obtaining castings (leading to callbacks and placement) from producers, casting Directors and agents.'


If you have not worked in the industry yet, take the following points into consideration:

  • Whatever is exhibited on your reel has to portray your personality in the most natural way, using a variety of presenting styles. 
  • If  you are producing one from scratch, TV Pro Global will design a versatile reel around your personality, background and experience.
  • A reel needs to be short. (about 3 minutes) Any reel that goes on for too long will not necessarily be watched in its totality. 
  • Always train with a reputable director/trainer before making a showreel. The industry is competitive and you need to  give yourself the best chance. Training will  'bring out' your strengths and give you essential industry/camera skills.
  • We also take your qualifications and 'specialty' areas into consideration and include this on your reel. It is important to let us know what you have achieved as well as those areas you have gained a lot of experience in
    e.g. renovations; sports; cooking; music; travel etc. (TV Pro Global specialises in training and promoting the 'specialist' presenter.)
  • A showreel is to showcase you and you only. Try not to 'mimic' other presenters or present genres that don't suit you.  
  • Spontaneity is very magnetic. A showreel that is too stiff and over rehearsed, does not necessarily connect with your viewer.    
  • Preparation is important, however be prepared to be directed to retain a spontaneous and magnetic feel.
  • A showreel can cost as little as $1800 or as much as $2600. This should include the recording, production and edit of material for a 3-5  minute reel. TV Pro Global will design and produce a reel based around your budget. 
  • We also offer payment plans for those who need a lttle help with their payments.
  • If you have already worked in the Industry and are looking to acquire further contractual work either through an agent or on your own, then it would be advisable to use grabs from your past appearances and edit them together in a creative manner.(As long as they are fairly recent appearances.)
  • If you would like any further advice on producing your showreel, please refer to our contact details or email Sharon Lynne at

    Kaitlan Tukukino

    News reporter/producer

    Mark Greenwood

    Corporate & documentary presenter

    Briony Laberthonnière 

    Food specialist/chef/presenter

    Nila James

    News anchor/lawyer/journalist

    Jenna Thomas

    Journalist/radio presenter

    Andrew Marmont

    Sports presenter