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Our National TV Presenter courses are practical workshops, where we work individually with each student to develop a competitive delivery for professional castings.

There are many opportunities for new presenters at the moment with the increase of programs on pay TV , a surge of new mainstream programs and the most popular medium for new presenters, online presenting! Our graduates are also eligible to join our on-line national casting service exclusively reserved for our new and experienced TV Presenters .

We offer beginners, intermediate and advanced training courses, all of which are hands-on practical experiences for the students. We enrol only six students per class and each student receives individial direction and feedback from the trainer. All of our trainers are highly recognised industry specialists who have presented and produced for the TV industry for over twenty years .

The techniques covered in our courses include:

  • Understanding the 'psychology of the camera'
  • 'What makes a good presenter'- Charisma/credibility/content.
  • Defining/refining connection with the camera/viewer.
  • Building camera confidence and refining your delivery for castings
  • Defining the best programs/genres for you to present
  • Dealing with performance anxiety & redirecting nervous energy
  • Key-wording and adlibbing skills (How to remember your content!)
  • Scripting & formatting segments for castings & recordings
  • Personalized direction & feedback on all segments to camera
  • Experimenting with different styles/content/genres
  • TV studio expectations, terminology and industry information
  • Scripting & presenting approx. 6 types of program/segments per day
  • Audition skills/mock auditions/tips for a successful presenter casting

...some more skills you will learn

  • Delivery modulation and how to “colour” your script/delivery
  • Learning how to move/walk while talking to camera
  • Learning how to prepare AND dress for your audition
  • Information about acquiring an appropriate agent
  • Information and tips re “what producers look for”
  • Defining your versatility for show reels & auditions
  • Information about acquiring a show reel – (presenter portfolio)
  • Ongoing career advice & mentoring offered to each graduate
  • Eligibility to join the only on-line casting service for new Presenters in Australia

Training course dates

Please note bookings are limited to only 6 students per group. Bookings are open now for all courses. All graduates receive ongoing career guidance in their pursuit of work in this industry. Most of our workshops take place over a weekend. 



Casting Director and head trainer, Sharon Lynne

Has been training new TV Presenters for 30 years in Australia. Prior to that she trained and presented in several countries abroad. Sharon is known for her unique training techniques and creative methods which have seen her students repeatedly reap success in the TV broadcasting industry. No two individuals are taught the same way thus defining each person's strengths and bringing out the true essence of a student's personality on camera... and everyone knows that the best TV Presenters are real, natural and comfortable in front of a camera. With the appropriate training program, individual feedback, expert direction, knowledge of the industry and a competitive portfolio, you can achieve it!

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