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Advanced TV Presenter Workshop


Sydney LIVE - 3rd & 4th of August 2024

TV Pro Global is recognized as the leader in training and casting TV Presenters for the Australian TV broadcasting arena and online channels.

This enables students from all states to train and cast for TV Presenter positions.

Over the past 30 years through persistence and a growing reputation, TV PRO GLOBAL has accumulated a client base of over 1200 producers. We have placed new presenters in children’s, music, health, cooking, travel, arts, entertainment programs, as well as advertorial, lifestyle, finance, corporate training films,  documentary and many other types of programs. Presently our graduates cast for all mediums including online TV and corporate videos. 

 This LIVE AND ONLINE course will allow you to discover which genres are best suited to you not only taking into account your personality, but also utilizing your life’s experience, expertise and qualifications. Please note: A diploma or degree in journalism, law or media communications is required for News & Current Affairs and not necessarily for all personality-type programs eg: music; fashion; kids etc or specialty programs.

Please note that each student receives individual one-on-one training, direction & feedback.

A program is designed to suit each student.

The techniques covered in the training include:

  • Defining the best programs & mediums for you to present (full assessment)
  • Skills to connect/engage with the viewer behind the lens
  • Key-wording and adlibbing skills . Includes working to a time-frame
  • Understanding connection: connecting with the content as well as the viewer
  • How to ‘drive’ content with your personality and energy
  • Trialling a variety of delivery styles to widen your casting opportunities
  • Working with a producer's direction and feedback
  • Formatting content for Intros/closes/links/inserts/live crosses/interviews
  • Scripting various content/formats per day eg: travel; news report; fashion; sport etc
  • Presenting live to camera: lifestyle; red carpet; corporate; news, travel, finance, health etc
  • Audition skills - the do's & dont's + a variety of mock auditions
  • Co-presenting. Learning to  interact/present with another presenter
  • Interviewing skills. Balancing your content/listening skills
  • Learning how to use an autocue (Teleprompter)
  • Time-span awareness. (Scripting and delivery to camera with time signals)
  • Dealing with performance anxiety & redirecting nervous energy
  • Vocal techniques including ‘shading’ vocal delivery
  • How to sit/move/walk while talking to camera
  • How to prepare & dress for your audition
  • Skills/formats for specialty presenting eg news; sport; finance; weather reporting
  • Ideas and concepts to write your own TV or online program (optional)
  • Information about acquiring an appropriate agent (if applicable)
  • Information and tips regarding “what producers look for”
  • Exploring the social media platform for self-promotion
  • Using social media to brand and market yourself
  • Information about producing a show reel (optional)
  • We design/produce showreels to suit each person’s strengths & genre suitability
  • Eligibility to join the only on-line casting service for new Presenters in Australia
  • Tips and ideas to help market yourself into the TV arena (with our help!)
  • Eligibility to register to our casting service is exclusive to TV Pro Graduates 

**Please note: this is a practical course and all exercises are delivered to camera and recorded onto your own SD card for personal review.

TV Pro Global’s casting service


Each graduate student from TV Pro Global in this photo is working in the TV industry

Once you have completed your workshop, you will have honed your delivery skills to cast in genres suited to your personality, experience & qualifications. Alternatively you may wish to create your own on-line series with the help of our marketing & production departments.

TV Pro Global’s casting service will consider you for a variety of castings should you suit the producer’s brief. You will also be given producer’s contact names and numbers and taught how to ‘self-promote’ should you want to utilize this option. Our online casting service helps place our graduates in a variety of mediums (mainstream TV/on-line video/corporate arena/advertorial) and includes ongoing career guidance & mentoring exclusve to TV Pro Global’graduates. The casting service has 3 tiers as you work your way up from ‘new presenter’ to established profile presenter. For some of our success stories and latest placements please see:!/mediamentor1


Show Reels

A show reel (presenter’s portfolio) is a necessary tool to have as a TV presenter and although there are sometimes live castings you will always require a reel to promote yourself into the TV Industry. Your promotional tools include: A professionally produced showreel; an industry cover letter; a broadcast CV with photograph. Your reel needs to be versatile and competitive. You may inquire to have one produced by TV Pro Global a few weeks after the training. It is advisable to shoot a showreel at least (up to) four weeks after the training.

Students have their own casting web page exhibiting each segment from their showreel with space for up to 10 videos and photos as they increase their professional portfolio. We have three 'casting  sections' depending on a producer's budget: trained presenter; some presenting; profile presenter.  The casting website is accessed by up to 1200 producers who are registered to our site to cast for their programs. We do not take a commission for placement.

Our casting and mentoring service is offered to all students who have trained with TV Pro Global. Our showreel service is exclusive to TV Pro Global graduates. Some of our showreels can be seen via this link:

Realistic Achievements

If you have not presented on TV before or if you are re-entering this arena, you will need to be realistic about achieving too much too soon. We also specialize in ‘the specialist’ and we are one of only a few casting organizations that places presenters in genres that require specific expertise.

 The type of work graduates can expect to acquire is a specialist program eg. architecture or cooking etc; A promo for a travel program, or a kid’s segment on Foxtel (there are several kids programs that use new presenters, including Totally Wild); A fashion or sports segment; Snow report or Weather presenter; Vox pops out on the streets interviewing the public. Corporate training videos as well as promotional web videos. On-line TV is also very popular for new presenters.There are also various lifestyle, arts, environmental or healthy lifestyle programs on pay TV and also on-line that are popular for new presenters.

 Castings for new presenters also include personality driven programs like red carpet or music segments. We also cast the experienced presenter (graduate). Popular castings are ‘specialty’ programs which require a skill, knowledge or experience from your particular background or work field e.g. Naturopathy, Health and Fitness, Gardening, Legal/Crime; Home improvements, Veterinary or Cooking etc. Placing the specialist is our specialty. 

Cost of online certificate course $895 (virtual) $795 paid 4 weeks in advance

Cost of live certificate course: $1395.00  (live)  $1195 paid 4 weeks in advance

Student part-time bursaries to be considered.  

  • The cost of the course does not include a show reel. 
  •  On acceptance into the course, we will kindly require a $200 non-refundable deposit to secure your position in a class of 3 or 4 students.
  • The balance is payable 14 days prior to the course, unless you have chosen the early bird option
  • Visa Card, MasterCard and direct entry are all accepted.

(Please add 1% of total cost for all credit card payments).

Training Venue: ONLINE in virtual studio

Training venue: Live in studio

LIVE workshop: Train in a fully equipped studio environment. Incudes: Digital Cameras; green screen; chromokey, lights; playback facility and fully recorded

ONLINE workshop: Train with cameras, autocue  and on-location shoots via wifi. All work is recorded .

Dress: It is suggested that a variety of colors, styles and outfits be trialled in front of camera during your training. Prepare at least three outfits for each day.

 You will be supplied with 3 x manuals and scripting materials.

All exercises are recorded for review purposes

A personalized industry recognised certificate is mailed/emailed to you on completion of online course

Sharon Lynne can be contacted at TV Pro Global on 0416 026 760. 

If you are keen to be considered for a position in our next Advanced A workshop, please complete the application/questionnaire and attend a free trial (online)session. Please  follow this link:  Questionnaire_and_Application_2.doc

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