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NEWSLETTER  - September 2023



We welcome a fresh start for everyone after the past three years of Covid challenges...including our new website which I am very excited to introduce. New castings! New connections! New drop-in brush up workshops and new placement!

At TV Pro Global we have always focused on our talents' progress and success in the media industry...and now we have some stunning additions to our business module to enhance the future of our graduates.

As you already know you will always need to stay abreast of current movement and changes within the industry. So one of the platforms we have introduced to help you stay informed, is our 'Proactive Presenter' workshop (now held online) to provide you with further information regarding current changes. Also to provide you with promotional options to "grow" your profile and enhance your reputation as both a personality and a TV Presenter/reporter.

We all know how effective social media has become in this technically and digitally orientated world. To ignore the magnitude of its effectiveness could be adopting the “ostrich-in-the-sand attitude”.

Think about how you could use social media to brand yourself, your product, your service and your business. Because NOW is the time.

As well, the introduction of online TV is making a big impact in the world of broadcast. It stands to reason. So  online opportunities for our new graduates and especially specialist presenters, is gaining huge momentum. 

So .... look forward to furthering your career in online TV: online entertainment, online lifestyle and specialty programs (eg health & nutrition; finance; DIY; cooking etc) online reviews and educational programs. These programs/genres are growing in popularity at an alarming rate. 

TV Pro Global will continue offering students a choice to train online or live. We are in the midst of implementing all sorts of exciting new online training programs to help you upskill and further your career in this amazing industry. Please see "training programs" on our website for all of our new training programs coming to you in 2023.

I will always be here to support you on your journey.... so reach out!

Sharon Lynne



Workshops are fun and challenging - honing skills and moulding style for professional castings

The training course that TV Pro Global is offering an intense weekend certificate course , which is both challenging and exhilarating. Our workshops are held in both Sydney and Melbourne Australia  and the results speak for themselves .

It is a media based course that concentrates on preparing students for the professional TV Broadcasting arena as well as credible online programs. We are enrolling a high calibre of student, including many (already) on air presenters who are utilizing the Advanced course for either a brush-up or a platform to experiment with other styles to enhance versatility.

We encourage students from all walks of life who have excellent communication skills , a charismatic personality and are well spoken to apply for this course. We are casting for all programs: from finance, sport, real estate and travel programs to lifestyle, kids, health and arts programs. We also cast for corporate training videos, advertorials and on-line TV, all of which our graduates can apply for.

***Please note that journalism or comm. media is required for news reporting

***Our casting service is only available to our graduates or experienced TV Presenters

' SPECIALTY PRESENTING'  - TV Pro Global specialises in "The specialist"

Your expertise and experience is what the producers require to qualify you for a casting . (For example: Landscaping for gardening pgms or Veterinary science for animal prgms). So, whatever your background, taking that information and experience to the screen, is what we specialize in. Our training courses will hone your broadcasting skills and develop your style in front of the camera for a professional casting.


Some specialist presenter examples:

Vet Lisa Chimes: Bondi Vet & Dr Lisa

Presenter Duane Strause: Channel 10 Weather; Totally wild; Queensland Weekender

Finance reporter David Taylor was placed with both the ABC and BBC as finance reporter

Environmental reporter Emily Rice  reports for channel 9's environmental (and similar) stories/news reports.

Legal & finance reporter David Chau - ABC finance reporter

Katrina Bullock (lawyer) - media represenative and reporter for Greenpeace

Wendy Kingston - journalist: Channel Nine reporter

Show reels:

Once you have completed your training, we offer to design and produce your show reel. (Your portfolio). Our show reels are versatile and competitive, incorporating a variety of styles to exhibit your flexibility and full potential as a presenter. Over the years we have surveyed many producers and in doing so have fine-tuned our reels to suit their requirements. This is one of the main reasons our presenters are getting work in this industry. Our reels are shot with top of the range Sony digital broadcast standard cameras, Sennheiser lapel microphones and experienced directors, camera operators and editors.


Each student will be allocated an individual shoot time approx 5-6 hours. A full day is sometimes required for specialty reels. All venues and locations are arranged prior to shoot. For a quote please contact

Show reels are produced four weeks after training.

 A showreel is the promotional "tool" our  talent use to achieve a call-back or a placement

Some examples:

Casting on-line through TV Pro Global

Our online casting service casts for all programs from sports & news to lifestyle & Kids programs   


Our on-line casting service is reserved for our graduates and experienced TV presenters. There are over 1500 producers registered to our casting service to view and cast our presenters. A photo, CV & reel are used to promote presenters on-line. There is a one-off lifetime registration fee of $195 for graduates.

All inquiries to


To all those other students who are waiting for call-backs and placement from auditions they have recently been to... We are hoping for the best... and your placements will be published in the next newsletter and on our Facebook page. Good luck!!




 Please note bookings are limited to only  5 to 6 students per group. Bookings are open now for all courses. All graduates receive ongoing career guidance  in their pursuit of work in the TV  industry.

You will be required to complete a questionnaire to determine your suitability.

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